June 2022

This page provides links to an end-of-life announcements, new features, and enhancements made to Flexera One during the month of June 2022.

New Features

Flexera One introduced the following new features this month.


New Feature

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cost Anomaly Detection - Identify Significant Changes In Your Cloud Spend 

Flexera One Platform

Flexera One Now Supports French Translation 

IT Asset Management

New Microsoft Windows Server Optimization Flat View Report 

New “Product” Filter for Generating Application Transparency Reports 

SaaS Management

Analyzing Salesforce User and License Activity Data in Bespoke UI 


Flexera One introduced the following enhancements this month.



IT Asset Management

User Data Imported from Active Directory Now Returns Email Address Key for Saas User Normalization 

New “Import detailed evidence” Button Added to Applications Grid 

Option to Temporarily Exclude Evidence of Oracle Database Instances from the Audit Report 

Lists of Supported Operating Systems and Compatibility with Other Products Have Been Updated 

IT Asset Requests

Ability to Create Software Catalog Item “Uninstall” Deployment Option Only Without Also Requiring an “Install” Deployment 

Cloud Cost Optimization

View Total Potential Savings Now includes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

SaaS Management

Data Anonymization Has Been Disabled in Microsoft 365 Integration 

Expense (Coupa) Integration Update to OAuth2 with Client Credentials 

User Event Activity Tracking and Improved License Reclamation Workflow for Smartsheet 

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