Flexera One Help Library

Flexera One is an application that gives you a comprehensive view of your entire IT landscape, from precise on-premises and multi-cloud environment usage, to underutilized Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions, license redundancies, and shadow IT. Flexera One makes optimizing your IT spend easier, so you can eliminate waste and reallocate investments to critical IT initiatives.

This document provides information about how to onboard users is to join the Flexera One enterprise cloud portal. In the first rollout, the document is first designed to accommodate Unified Spend Analytics on-boarding. This document outlines the minimum functionality needed to add a user to the platform.

Flexera One helps you:

Rationalize your application spend by eliminating wasted SaaS spendingFlexera One provides a way to discover and uncover all your software usage, including shadow IT, to eliminate redundancies, reduce risk, and negotiate the best prices for purchases.
Reduce IT costs across software and infrastructure—By giving you a complete picture of software and infrastructure costs for both on-premises and cloud environments, Flexera One grants you control over managing large enterprise purchases of software and hardware and annual or monthly subscriptions for SaaS, as well as per-minute on-demand spend for public cloud.
Reign in cloud and SaaS spend—The use of cloud requires new ways to manage spend. SaaS applications have monthly or annual billing cycles, and public cloud is charged down to per-minute increments based on the actual resources being used. This generates vast quantities of data, with public cloud bills often reaching millions of line items. For continuous management and optimization of cloud-based spend of these new models and the accompanying explosion of data, Flexera One eases the burden by giving you control over your SaaS and cloud spend.

The following table provides an overview of the topics in this help system.

Help Navigation Topics



IT Visibility

IT Visibility is a service that lets you discover an analyze your installed enterprise software.

SaaS Manager

SaaS Manager is a SaaS tool that let’s you discover, manage, optimize, and secure all of your SaaS subscriptions. Some benefits of using Flexera One’s SaaS Manager include reducing SaaS spend, securing user SaaS accounts, and managing SaaS renewals.


Optima is a cost management and optimization solution that enables enterprises to cut cloud costs and ensure the ongoing efficient use of cloud resources across all of their business units, cloud accounts, clouds, and applications.

Unified Spend Analytics

Unified Spend Analytics is a dashboard that shows how much your organization is spending on Information Technology cloud, SaaS, and software components. The ability to visual this data becomes especially important in the modern world as that IT spend becomes more decentralized as a result of the increased use of cloud technologies across departments.

Beacons for Discovery and Inventory

An inventory beacon is a computer located within your organization that gathers software inventory that you specify, and uploads the data to Flexera One, where it can then be distributed to other Flexera One services or products, such as FlexNet Manager Suite or IT Visibility.


The Administration section is only available to administrators. This section provides help with securely launching, storing, and managing users and their permissions, and provides help with authentication to resources (such as applications, databases, or networks) based on user permissions.