Creating New Application Catalogs Using the AdminStudio Interface

AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Application Manager

Edition:Application Manager is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

To create a new SQL Server Application Catalog database, perform the following steps.

To create a new standalone Application Catalog:

1. Click New on the Application Catalog tab menu (or click Create on the AdminStudio Home menu). The Welcome panel of the Application Catalog Wizard opens.
2. Click Next. The Specify Database Information panel opens.
3. Enter or select the name of the Server where this Application Manager will be stored.
4. Specify how the database server should verify the authenticity of the login—either using Windows Authentication or Server Authentication. If you selected Server Authentication, enter the appropriate Login ID and Password.
5. In the Catalog box, enter the name of the Application Catalog you are creating.
6. Click Test to test the connection to the database.
7. Click Next. The Select Software Repository Location panel opens, prompting you to select the location where the Software Repository will store imported packages and their associated files. For more information, see Software Repository Integration into Other AdminStudio Tools.
8. If you want to store data associated with this Application Catalog’s packages in the Software Repository, choose the Enable the Software Repository option, select a Software Repository Location, and enter a Login ID and Password of the Proxy Account that must be used to access this Repository.

Note:The Proxy Account needs full control on the Software Repository Location folder at the directory level as well as at the sharing level. Only such accounts can be used as a Proxy Account to access the Software Repository.

9. Click Next. The Creating Application Catalog panel opens and reports on the creation progress. When the Application Catalog has been created, a message appears stating that the creation was successful.
10. Click Finish. The new Application Catalog now opens in AdminStudio.

Tip:The first time AdminStudio is run, anyone can create an SQL Server database (providing they have access to an SQL Server and database creation rights). However, once an AdminStudio Application Catalog has been created, the database creator becomes the Application Catalog administrator, and security rights are in place in AdminStudio.