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AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Application Manager

Edition:Application Manager, including Analyze, is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Application Manager’s Analyze view is a unified testing, reporting, and issue management interface that simplifies and streamlines all phases of application compatibility testing. Using Analyze, you can execute a broad range of compatibility, validation and conflict tests; manage and remediate issues; and monitor overall status in a single location.

Tasks You Perform Using Analyze

The main tasks that you perform using Analyze involve clicking one of the following buttons on the Analyze tab ribbon:

Tasks You Perform Using Analyze



Select Tests to Execute

Click to open the Select Tests to Execute dialog box, where you can select the tests that you want to execute when the Execute Tests button is clicked. On this dialog box, you can also set automatic fix preferences for the Operating System Compatibility and Browser Compatibility test groups.

See Configuring Testing Options on the Analyze Tab.

Execute Tests

Click to execute the following groups of tests against the selected Windows Installer, App-V, Apple iOS, or Google Android package or against all of the packages in the selected application or group:

Operating System Compatibility
MSIX Conversion Compatibility
Browser Compatibility
Application Virtualization Compatibility
Best Practices
Risk Assessment
Remote Application Publishing Compatibility

If a web application is selected when Execute Tests is clicked, only the browser compatibility tests will be executed.

See Performing Compatibility, Best Practices, and Risk Assessment Testing, Performing Static Testing of Web Applications.

Launch Conflict Wizard

Click to open the Conflict Wizard, which you can use to run the Application Conflicts group of tests to determine conflicts between the source and target packages.

See Performing Application Conflict Testing.

Launch Web Test

Click to launch the selected web application in your browser and perform interactive browser compatibility testing as you click through pages of the site.

See Performing Dynamic Testing of Web Applications.

Resolve Issues

Click to apply automatic fixes to those errors and warnings for which fixes are available.

See Resolving Issues.

Viewing Test Results in Analyze

Analyze offers both summary and detailed test result views. Summary views display icons to quickly indicate the overall tests status of the package, application, or group of applications per test category:

Analyze Group View

More Information

For more information about Analyze, see the following topics:

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