Performing Web Application Testing

AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Application Manager

For web applications, the AdminStudio Enterprise Edition Application Compatibility add-on pack provides compatibility testing for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge to ensure that applications delivered via browsers will function as expected.

Application Manager offers two types of testing for web applications:

Static analysis—Application Manager runs a series of tests to determine the web application’s compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.

Note:Starting with AdminStudio, browser compatibility testing for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 is no longer supported. However, if you are using an Application Catalog that has been upgraded from a previous version, browser compatibility test results for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will still be displayed.

Dynamic analysis—Application Catalog launches the web application in your browser. Then, as you perform tasks and navigate around the web application, Application Catalog records any warnings or errors that are encountered while using that version of the browser. You should always use dynamic testing when a web application requires a login to access.

The following table compares static and dynamic web application testing:

Static vs. Dynamic Testing of Web Applications


How to Launch

When to Use

What is Tested


Execute Tests

Use static analysis for web applications that do not require a login to access.

If a web application does not require the user to login, static analysis is preferred because it is more thorough and automated.

Important:If you attempt to perform static analysis of a web application that requires login, Application Catalog will not be able to test any of the pages other than the login page.

Application Catalog crawls the web site and runs the selected browser compatibility tests on each page, up to the maximum number of links specified.

See Performing Static Testing of Web Applications.

Note:The Maximum number of links to crawl option is specified on the Analyze tab of the Application Catalog Options dialog box. The default value is 10.


Launch Web Test

Use dynamic analysis for web applications that require a login to access.

You can also use dynamic analysis to test web pages that are generated after the user provides input, such as when performing a search or submitting a form.

Important:When testing for a specific browser version compatibility, make sure that you are using that browser version when testing.

Application Catalog runs the selected browser compatibility tests on each page of the web application that you visit. Each time the page loads, the page is retested.

Testing ends when you close the browser window.

See Performing Dynamic Testing of Web Applications.