Captured Installation View

AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Repackager

Edition:This feature is available in AdminStudio Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

From the Captured Installation view, you can review summary information about the setup you are converting into a Windows Installer package.

The Captured Installation view lists the following information:

Repackager Captured Installation View



Operating System

Identifies the operating system—including version, service pack, and processor type (32 or 64-bit)—of the machine where the capture was performed.

Path to original setup

Location of setup that was repackaged. Click the browse () button to select a different setup.

Original target folder

From this list, select the original target folder for the installation. In most cases, this will be a subdirectory of [ProgramFilesFolder].

Alternatively, you can enter your own target. This value will be set as the value for INSTALLDIR, and is a mandatory property.

Note:Information about the provided install locations can be found in the SystemFolder Property topic of the Windows Installer Help Library.

Number of Files, Shortcuts, Registry Entries, and INI File Entries

Links that list the number of files, shortcuts, and registry entries captured, and the number of .ini file changes made. Click these links to open the following subviews:

Files and Folders View
Registry Entries View
Shortcuts View
INI Files View

Each subview of this view allows you to view the names and associated information of each item captured, and selectively exclude (or reinclude) these items from the ultimate Windows Installer package.

If no entries were captured of a particular type, the corresponding view does not appear in the View List. For example, if no .ini file changes were captured, the INI Files view is not displayed.

Create setup capture report

Click to generate the Setup Capture Report, an HTML or text document that summarizes the data that was captured when a setup was repackaged. For more information, see Creating a Setup Capture Report for a Project.

Edition:The Setup Capture Report feature is included with AdminStudio Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

Scan for setup intent

Click to launch the Setup Intent Wizard, which you can use to scan a setup to identify files that may not have been captured during repackaging—effectively recognizing the installation’s intent for these files. For more information, see Using the Setup Intent Wizard to Detect File Dependencies in a Repackager Project.

Edition:The Setup Intent Wizard is included with AdminStudio Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.