Repackaging Legacy Installations Using the Repackaging Wizard

AdminStudio 2021 R2 SP1 | 22.01 | Repackager

Installations created for the Windows Installer service dramatically differ from traditional installations, making reusing legacy installations impossible without using a repackaging tool. You can use Repackager’s Repackaging Wizard to capture the data placed on your system during installation and convert it into a Windows Installer (.msi) package, which you can then customize and distribute according to your organization’s needs.

Documentation regarding using the Repackaging Wizard is presented in the following sections:

Using the Repackaging Wizard



About Repackaging

Introduces you to repackaging, explains various repackaging methods, lists Repackaging Best Practices, explains how to include the InstallScript Engine with a Windows installer package, and reviews Repackager options.

Repackaging Methods

Describes the methods of repackaging that the Repackaging Wizard supports.

Configuring Repackager to Ensure Optimal Installation Capture

Describes how to configure Repackager in order to get optimal results when capturing an installation.

Repackaging Legacy Installations Using the Repackaging Wizard

Explains how to use the Repackaging Wizard to convert the following installations:

InstallShield Professional 1.x to 5.1.x
InstallShield Professional 5.5 to 7.x
InstallShield InstallScript MSI
InstallShield DevStudio 9.x InstallScript
InstallShield Editor InstallScript

Documenting Repackaging Steps Using the Microsoft Step Recorder Tool

Explains how to use the Microsoft Step Recorder documentation tool to document the steps taken during repackaging.

Repackaging Wizard Reference

Describes each of the dialog boxes and Wizard panels that you might encounter when using the Repackaging Wizard.

Note:For information on other Repackager features, see Converting Legacy Installations Using the Repackager Interface.