Setting Microsoft Intune Conversion Options

AdminStudio 2022 R2 | 24.0 | Application Manager

Prior to using the Conversion Wizard to convert an MSI or EXE package to Microsoft Intune format, as described in Converting MSI/EXE Packages to Intunewin Format Using the Conversion Wizard, you first need to perform the following steps to set Microsoft Intune conversion options in Application Manager.

To set App-V 5.0 conversion options:

1. In Application Manager, select Options on the Application Catalog menu. The Options dialog box opens.
2. Open the General options > Plugin Options tab.
3. In the middle pane, select Microsoft Intune App Conversion Plugin. The Microsoft Intune App Conversion Plugin options are displayed in the right pane.

4. In the Converted Pacakge Name field, enter the format of the converted page name to differentiate it from the converted version of the package from the original version. By default, this field will be populated with:

[ProductName] ([SourceType] => [TargetType])

5. In the Comments field, enter metadata that you would like to add to each converted package. This text will be displayed in the Administrator Comments field on the Package Information tab of the Home Deployment Type View for each package.
6. Click OK.