Converting MSI/EXE Packages to Intunewin Format Using the Conversion Wizard

You can convert MSI/EXE packages to Microsoft Intunewin using the Conversion Wizard.

Important:Conversion of MSI/EXE to Intune is supported only through the package nodes.

Perform the following steps to convert MSI/EXE packages to Intune using the Conversion Wizard.

To convert MSI/EXE packages to Intune:

1. Perform the steps listed in Setting Conversion Wizard Options, including Setting Microsoft Intune Conversion Options.
2. On the Applications tab, right-click on the selected package(s), and then select Launch Conversion Wizard from the shortcut menu.

3. On the Target Type Selection panel of the Conversion Wizard, select Microsoft Intune Windows App, and then click Next.

4. The Package Output Location panel opens. If you want to select different output location, click Browse and select preferred location (if required), and then click Next.

5. The Summary panel opens. Click Next.

6. On the Converting the Packages panel, click Next for the conversion process, and then click Finish once conversion process is complete.

Upon successful action, the converted package (converted to Intune) will import under that Application tree.

Note:Converted package will be imported in .intunewin format.