Converting your Existing Packages to MSIX using Repackager Tool and Digital Signing

AdminStudio 2022 R2 SP1 | 24.01 | Application Manager

To convert your existing packages to MSIX using the Repackager tool and digital signing, perform the following steps.

To convert existing packages to MSIX using Repackager and digital signing:

1. Launch Repackager.
2. Repackage an .msi or .exe to convert to .msix format.
3. On the Repackaged Output Options dialog box, select a package.

4. You can select any of the following options to convert the package:
Create Microsoft MSIX Package—You can convert the selected package to MSIX package but will not be signed digitally.
Digitally Sign MSIX—You will need a valid Pfx file certified by CA, Pfx file password, Certificate Store Location, Store Name, and Store Subject where to find the certificate.

If you select the Digitally Sign MSIX option, the Certificate Selection dialog box is displayed.

5. To convert to digital signing, select either the Certificate File (.Pfx) or Certificate Store option.
6. If you select Certificate (.pfx), enter Certificate File path or browse and select the certificate path, enter the password, and then enter the valid Time Stamp Server URL.
7. If you select Certificate Store, then provide the certificate store details as mentioned in the below steps:

Note:If you select the Certificate Store option, make sure that the Certificate has been imported. For more details on importing the certificate, see Import Certificate.

a. From the Certificate Store Location drop down, select either User or Machine.
b. From the Certificate Store Name drop down, select desired store name from the list.
c. From the Certificate Subject drop down, select certificate subject from the list.
d. After selecting the valid details, View details button enables. Click the button and view the certificate details.

8. Click OK.
9. Click Build. The package is created in the MSI_Package folder.

Note:Repackager now support Windows Services for MSIX Packages. A Windows Service installed while converting a legacy package format (MSI/EXE) will be captured and packaged into the MSIX package upon conversion.