About Repackaging on Clean Systems

AdminStudio 2022 SP1 | 23.01 | Repackager

For optimal results when using Repackager or OS Snapshot, you should perform these processes on a clean system. A clean system typically consists of a computer with only the operating system and necessary service packs installed on it. It is the baseline system that the computer requires to run.

Although it may be tempting to consider basic software, such as Microsoft Office, as part of the clean system, this can result in poor snapshots and repackaged setups. Each application you install on the baseline system adds to the DLLs, changes versions of files, makes new registry entries, etc. This may cause Repackager or the OS Snapshot Wizard to miss these during capture, which ultimately may lead to missing files or registry entries in repackaged setups, or unexpected conflicts between the operating system and Windows Installer packages.

Note:For more information on setting up a clean system to repackage on, see Configuring Repackager to Ensure Optimal Installation Capture.