Configuring Repackager to Ensure Optimal Installation Capture

AdminStudio 2022 SP1 | 23.01 | Repackager

Both repackaging methods, Installation Monitoring and Snapshot, involve installing an application and recording the system changes made by that installation. To ensure that you capture all changes made by the installation, you should, ideally, install the application onto a “clean machine” (a computer with only the operating system installed), as described in About Repackaging on Clean Systems.

Depending upon your network connectivity, you should configure Repackager on a clean machine in one of the following ways:

Methods to Configure Repackager

Repackager Configuration


Launching Repackager Remotely

If you have connectivity from a clean machine to a computer or network location that contains an installation of Repackager, you should launch Repackager remotely.

Installing Repackager on a Clean Machine

If you do not have any network connectivity on the clean machine, you should install Repackager on the clean machine.