Editing an Existing Operation

App Portal 2021 R1

To edit an existing operation, perform the following steps:

To edit an existing operation:

1. On the Admin tab, select Site Management > ITSM Integration. The ITSM Integration view opens, listing the available services of the connected systems.

If you are connected to Service Now, the following services could be listed:

ServiceNow - Catalog Import Set Management Service 
ServiceNow - Create Incident Management Service 
ServiceNow - Create Request Management Service 
ServiceNow - Update Task Sequence Request Management Service 

If you are connected to Remedy, five services are listed:

Remedy - Create Incident Management Service 
Remedy - Create Request Management Service 
Remedy - Incident Status Management Service Wrapper 
Remedy - Query Incident Management Service 
Remedy - Service Request Status Management Service Wrapper 

If you have added a connection to another ITSM system, it will be listed here.

2. Click on one of the services. A list of the operations included in the selected service opens:

3. Click on an operation. The Configure Operation view for that operation opens.

4. In the top part of this screen, review and edit the operation settings, as described in About the Operation Settings.
5. In the Configure Fields table, edit the parameters, as described in About the Parameter Settings.

Note:When configuring the Request_Submit_Service operation for a BMC Remedy service request, you need to enter a value in the TitleInstanceID field that identifies a BMC Service Request Definition template. For information on obtaining this value, see Obtaining a SRD (Service Request Definition) Template for a BMC Remedy Service Request.

6. Click Save to save your edits.