Deploy the RN150

Important:The product name for this user guide has changed from Foundation and Cloudscape to Business Service Discovery and Migration Planning.

In order to start discovery we need to download and deploy the RISC Networks RN150 virtual appliance.

To deploy the RN150 virtual applicance:

1. Click your assessment to open the Appliance Status page.
2. Click the Download RN150 button in the section titled: Step 1 - Download Virtual Appliance.
3. While waiting on your download to complete, copy the code provided in the section Step 2 - Bootstrap Virtual Appliance with the Code in the Appliance Status page, and save it where you can retrieve it at a later time.
4. When your download completes, extract the files to a safe place.
5. Follow VMware documented procedures for Deploying OVF Templates in your specific version of VMware.
Deploy OVF Template Using VI Client in vSphere 5.1 
Deploy OVF Template Using Web Client in vSphere 5.5 
Deploy OVF Template Using VMware Player 
6. Once the machine is deployed and powered on, you should see the RISC Networks Logo and briefly see a white screen before being redirected to a sign in screen.

Note:For more information, see Deployment Requirements.