Activity Log

Use this page to view information about user activity within Software Vulnerability Manager, for example "write" actions, logins, and so on, with the exception of scans (due to the volume of data generated). You can access a full activity and login log for compliance monitoring and auditing purposes.

Click the calendar icon next to the From and To fields to set a specific Activity Log date range to view. You can also use the Search field to filter the Activity Log results to specific actions, for example changes to IP access rules.

Select Show Priorities to filter the results by High, Medium or Low Priority.

Create Notifications for the Activity Log

With this configuration, you can schedule multiple notification digest for the respective events through emails.

To create Notifications:

1. Click Create Notification.

2. Configure New Log Notifications dialog box opens.

3. Describe notification name, select the required events, and then select notification schedules.
4. These email notifications can be scheduled on an Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. If you select Daily, or Weekly, or Monthly option, then you choose the time duration for the selected day.
5. Choose the recipients and then click Save