Software Vulnerability Manager (Cloud Edition) Help Library

Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager is a Vulnerability and Patch Management Software Solution that facilitates a customized Patch Management process. It combines Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Creation with Patch Deployment Tool Integration to enable targeted, reliable, and cost-efficient Patch Management.

Vulnerability and Patch Management are critical components of any security infrastructure because it enables proactive detection and remediation of vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited and your security compromised. With Software Vulnerability Manager, IT Operations and Security Teams are empowered to prevent vulnerability threats from both Microsoft and non-Microsoft (third-party) product vulnerabilities, covering Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Software Vulnerability Manager integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® WSUS and System Center Configuration Manager.

Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition Help Library




Provides an overview of Software Vulnerability Manager:

The Scan Process – How Does it Work?
Software Vulnerability Manager Software Vulnerability Management Life Cycle
System Requirements

Getting Started with Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition

Provides details of how to perform the following tasks:

Logging on to Software Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition
Opening a Support Case
Download and Install the Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in
Download and Install the Software Vulnerability Manager Daemon
Download and Install the System Center Plug-in
Join Flexera’s Customer Community

The Dashboard

Provides an overview of your hosts with the help of various “portlets”. Portlets are a collection of components that graphically display key data and allow you to create profiles which can display a unique combination of portlets.

Agent Details

Provides details on the following:

Agent Administrative Privileges
Agent Data Collection
Agent Thread Priority
Agent Caching of Scan Rules


Provides details on the following:

Agent-based Scan – Requirements for Windows
Agent-based Scan – Requirements for Mac OS X
Agent-based Scan – Requirements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Remote/Agent-less Scan – Requirements (Windows)
Remote Scanning Via Software Vulnerability Manager (Agent-less Scan)
System Center Inventory Import
Remote Scanning Via Agents
Software Vulnerability Manager Agent Command Line Options
Network Appliance Agents
Scanning Via Local Agents
Run Scan from System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Scanning Mac OS X
Scanning Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Filter Scan Results
Completed Scans


Provides details on the following:

Smart Groups
Host Smart Groups
Product Smart Groups
Advisory Smart Groups


Provides details on the following:

Report Configuration
Smart Group Notifications
Activity Log Notifications
Database Access
Scheduled Exports


Provides details on the following:

Flexera Package System (SPS)
Creating a Patch with the Flexera Software Package System (SPS)
The SPS Package Creation Wizard
Vendor Patch Module
Agent Deployment
External Package Signing for Software Vulnerability Manager Client Toolkit
Add Proxy Settings
WSUS/System Center
Creating the WSUS-CSI GPO Manually
Deploying the Update Package Using WSUS
Deploying the Update Package Using System Center
Patch Configuration
Patch Template
Patch Automation
Intune Publishing


Provides details on the following:

User Management
Active Directory (Requires the Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in)
IP Access Management (Requires the Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in)
Password Policy Configuration


Provides details on the following:

Log Messages
Activity Log
Suggest Software

Appendix A - Partition Management

Provides an Introduction and details of Partition Management.

Appendix B - About Secunia Advisories

Explains Secunia Advisory terminology for:

CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System)
CVE References
Where (Attack Vector)
Criticality (Severity Rating)
Impact (Consequence)

Appendix C - CSV Export File Cross-References

When you export data from the Software Vulnerability Manager user interface to a CSV file, some values may differ. Each data set in this appendix includes a cross-reference table to explain the different values between the user interface and CSV file.

Appendix D - Threat Intelligence

This appendix explains how the Software Vulnerability Manager Threat Intelligence module helps the enterprises to manage their resources and Patching Vulnerabilities more effectively