Agent Data Collection

After scanning your environment, the Software Vulnerability Manager Agent collects the following data, which is summarized into a single POST to The Agent collects data from Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Mac OS X operating systems. The data collected varies by operating system as described below.

All operating systems

Machine name
MachineGUID (generated by Flexera)
System type (architecture / operating system)
IP address
MAC address
Time (GMT, local)


Distinguished name
List of security Knowledge Base articles installed or pending, source thereof
List of vulnerable and unrecognized applications from the File System scan:
Sends only:
File path
File size
Metadata from the Portable Executable (PE) header to recognize known software (Examples: timestamp, machine architecture)
Metadata from the Version Block to recognize known software (Examples: product name, product version, company name, original file name, internal name, file version, comments, file description, legal copyright, legal trademarks, private build, special build)
Files collected are filtered by scan rules or type
Locations of well-known system folders (Example: C:\Program Files)
List of drives discovered or scanned
Processing time and other profiling measures

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

List of installed Red Hat Package Managers (RPMs) from rpm
List of packages with security updates using the Yellowdog Updater Modified (YUM) tool

Mac OS X

List of applications from the File System scan of .plist sends only:
File path
Metadata from the plist used to recognize known software (Examples: author; description; CFBundle: display name, identifier, short version string, version, executable, get info string, name, package type; NSHumanReadableCopyright)
List of operating system updates queried from the system