Appendix C - CSV Export File Cross-References

When you export data from the Software Vulnerability Manager user interface to a CSV file, some values may differ. Each data set in this appendix includes a cross-reference table to explain the different values between the user interface and CSV file.

Note:Dates and times in the Software Vulnerability Manager database are created using the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In the UI, dates and times in UTC are converted to reflect your local time zone. This UTC date and time conversion is not possible for CSV reports, resulting in a date and time mismatch between the UI and CSV report.

Note:When you set the agent to scan “As soon as possible”, the date and time in the UI will be listed “As soon as possible” with a date in the past as the next scan date. In the CSV report, the scan date is the actual date from the Software Vulnerability Manager database without transformation.

This section provides a cross-reference for the following CSV file values:

Host Smart Group
Advisory Smart Group
Product Smart Group
Scan Result
Completed Scan
Scheduled Exports
Single Host Agent
Smart Group Notifications
User Management