IP Access Management (Requires the Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in)

As a Root Administrator, you can use this page to configure the IP addresses the Software Vulnerability Manager console can be accessed from.

Important:The first IP Access Rule you set up must always be a Allow list rule and must include the external (public) IP address of the console you are creating the rule from. If, for example, you check ipconfig you will find the internal IP address, which will not work. You can find your external IP address by using an Internet search engine and typing “find my ip address”.

To create a new rule:

1. Click New IP Rule. Enter a name for the rule, the IP address or IP range, select to add the rule to a allow list or block list, and the users to apply the rule to. The rule can contain a Single IP or an IP range, but you need to start with a allow list rule. If you allow list one IP address (the one you are using), then all other IP addresses are block-listed by default.

2. Once you have created a allow list rule with an IP range, you can then block list a Single IP or an IP range within the allow list IP range.
3. All IPs that have been added to a allow list are able to use Software Vulnerability Manager and IPs added to a block list are not able to connect.
4. To test if an IP has access to Software Vulnerability Manager based on the current rules, click Check IP.