The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of your hosts with the help of various “portlets”. Portlets are a collection of components that graphically display key data and allow you to create profiles which can display a unique combination of portlets.

The first time you login to the Software Vulnerability Manager console the Dashboard page will only display the Overview portlet. Select the Dashboard elements you want to view from the drop-down list on the upper left of the page. You can then either save the profile or, if you have created several profiles, set it as the default profile. You can also delete, add a new profile or reload the current profile view.

Tip:Click in any portlet to refresh the data displayed. You can further filter the data in portlets that allow Smart Group selection.

Tip:Click in any portlet for more detailed information on the data displayed.

Note:You can only load one unique portlet at a time.

Tip:You can toggle between Full screen and Standard views and click Export to download a PNG image of the current Dashboard Profile.