Create and Publish the Package

To create and publish the package:

1. Place the configuration and script files in the Extensions folder. The Extensions folder should be created in the same folder as the csi.exe.
2. Launch Software Vulnerability Manager. If the configuration file format is valid, a configuration option will be visible under the Patching menu (for example, Altiris Configuration).
3. Click the configuration option to open a page where input and settings can be provided and saved.
4. Go to the SPS creation wizard. Complete all the package wizard fields or import a package. In Step 4 of 4: Applicability Criteria - Rules, there will be radio buttons allowing you to select the tool that you want to publish the package with. There will be as many selection options as there are valid configuration files.
5. Clicking Publish for any tool other than WSUS will run the script placed in the Extensions folder and named in the xml file.
6. Software Vulnerability Manager waits for the script to finish and, depending upon the execution of the script being successful or not, displays a message.
7. After successful publishing, the package can be seen in the respective tool.