Use this page to view a host's information collected from the WSUS Server. Use the Installation State drop-down list to filter the hosts being displayed.

Right-click a host and select Information to view additional details such as: Scan Result, Patch Information, Patches Available and Overview.

You can also right-click a host listed in this view and select Verify and Install Certificate to install the required certificate created or imported in Step 2 - Certificate Status.

Usually the certificate is installed through a GPO as described in Step 3 – Group Policy Status.

In order for Software Vulnerability Manager to connect to WSUS and to create packages successfully, Internet Explorer must be run As Administrator in most cases (right-click and select Run as administrator). Also note that the Remote Registry must be enabled on hosts for which you intend to install the certificate using the Software Vulnerability Manager GUI. The remote registry is not needed if distributing the certificate through GPO.

The WSUS Self-Signed Certificate can also be installed through a manually created Group Policy.