Sync Data

To pull data to Microsoft SQL server, perform the following steps.

Note:Make sure that the Database is connected and SVM account is added. For more information, see Create Database Connection and Add Account.

To pull data to Microsoft SQL server:

1. In Client Data Tool, click Database Connection and connect to the database server. for more information, see Create Database Connection.
2. If required, you can add multiple SVM accounts. For more details on adding the account, see Add Account.
3. If required, you can configure the log directory where the log files are getting generated. For more details, see Configure Logs Directory.
4. Click the Sync Data button. It starts pulling data to the Database.
5. Upon successful action, sync details will display in the below section.

6. Sync data will be available in tables and views.

7. You can manually sync data or you can schedule automation for the data sync. To schedule automation, see Schedule Automation for Sync data.