System Requirements

To use the Software Vulnerability Manager console, your system should meet the following requirements:

Minimum resolution: 1280x1024
All browsers supported (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

Note:Active X plugin needs Microsoft Edge with IE mode. For more information, see Download and Install the Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in.

Internet connection capable of connecting to 
The following addresses should be allow-listed in the Firewall/Proxy configuration:
New CRL distribution URLs:
If you require explicit URLs then allow below URLs: 

Software Vulnerability Manager uses Amazon Certificate Authority for TLS security certificates. Amazon can change their certificate revocation list - crl - occasionally.

Amazon root certificates are trusted by default by most common browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

For the latest certificate revocation lists and firewall rules, refer to Amazon ACM documentation.

Product URLs:
Timestamp URL:

Note:We recommend allowing domain name (

First-Party cookie settings at least to Prompt (in Internet Explorer)
Allow session cookies
A PDF reader

Before starting Software Vulnerability Manager, the following should also be present:

Software Vulnerability Manager with Scanning and Patching Capabilities