Vendor Patch Module

Vendor Patch Module represents the largest set of patch data on the market today. It is designed to integrate several hundred out of the box patches for prioritization and publishing within SVM. Additionally, it exposes details which helps you to be aware what patches exist, and to provide as much detail as possible to make bringing your own patch to SVM easier. These additional entries are typically missing something like the actual setup file (because the vendor does not make it publicly available) or because we don’t have default applicability criteria (but can leverage assessment results for your environment).

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This section provides further information regarding:

Vendor Patch Module Page Features
Creating a Patch with the Vendor Patch Module
Package Creation Wizard in Vendor Patch Module
Automating Patch Deployment

Important:Vendor Patch Module is an optional feature and must be purchased separately:

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If the feature is not purchased, you can view the list of available patches but cannot use them.