Creating a Patch with the Vendor Patch Module

The Vendor Patch Module page displays a list of products that you can create updates for.

Click Configure View to customize the list and limit the types of products shown in the list as per your requirements.

A product will be displayed in blue if the vendor provides unattended/silent installation parameters for its patches. Any product listed in blue is available to have an update created in a simple 3 step process.

Some products are presented in gray because the vendor of the product does not provide setup files to deploy, Packages cannot be automatically created by Software Vulnerability Manager for these products.

With Vendor Patch Module you can update a package. Right-click a product you can see the following options:

Create an Update Package
View Installations
Patch Information

To Update packages a default execution flow script is provided in the (Step 2 of 4: Package Contents), which will fulfill most of the common needs.

Important:The following color codes are used in the Vendor Patch Module products list:

Blue color patches - Out of the box patches are ready to deploy with no missing details, so no extra details needed to deploy these patches.
Black color patches - Patches that are missing some information, but are available to download. To create a patch, any missing details must be provided.
Gray color patches - Patches that are missing some information including the vendor setup files. To create a patch, the vendor setup must be provided along with any missing details.
Green color patches - Patches for which publishable packages have already been created.