Data Platform User Console Guide

Data Platform User Console Guide

The Data Platform User Console is a browser-based application that provides you with a convenient, centralized administrative interface and the Administration Console.

The following table lists the main topics with descriptions that you can access in this help library.

Help Navigation Table



Data Platform User Console Basics


Getting started with the Data Platform User Console.

Searching and Browsing Basics

Use the Data Platform User Console to search and browse features.

Private Catalog Basics

Create and maintain “Private objects” that can be added to the Technopedia Catalog.

Data Platform Analyze Basics

Easy-to-use tools for creating and sharing reports and dashboards.

Analyzer Reports

Create reports on your data by using


Use the IT Discovery process to normalize data from an IT Discovery Tool.

Interactive Reports

Normalize for Purchase Orders aligns and enriches the information contained in your procurement system.

Description for Cubes, Categories, and Fields

Reference of descriptions for Cubes, Categories, and Fields.

Analyzer Report and Dashboard Reference

Manage processes and data sources from the Data Platform Normalize panel of the Administration Console.