Adding a Domain

Which domain should I add?

The domain(s) that are added and verified determine which users can authenticate through your identity provider. The authenticating user's email address is compared to the domains the identity provider has verified. The domain matching is case insensitive.

If the user's email address matches a domain that has been verified for the identity provider, authentication succeeds.
If the user's email address does not match any verified domain for the identity provider, authentication fails.

These examples illustrate which domains should be added to support authenticating different sets of users.

Examples of domains to add and verify

Email Addresses of users that need to authenticate

Domain(s) that must be verified

Perform the following steps to add your organization’s domain in your identity provider record.

To add a domain

1. In the identity provider record, click the Domains tab.
2. Click the Add a Domain button.
3. Enter your organization’s domain in the Domain field.

Important:Once you have added a domain, copy the verification code and add it to your DNS as a TXT record. TXT record changes can take up to 24-48 hours to go into effect, but usually happens much sooner.

4. Click Save.

Note:You can add multiple domains under the Domains tab.

5. Continue with the steps in Verifying a Domain with a TXT Record.