Configuring Flexera One API Credentials to Use SaaS Management Policies

To use the SaaS Management Policies included with Flexera One, you first need to set up Flexera One API credentials. After you configure your API credentials, the policy engine retrieves data from SaaS Management. The steps below walk you through how to set up and configure these credentials.

To configure Flexera One API credentials to use SaaS Management Policies:

1. In Flexera One, navigate to your user profile icon in the upper-right corner.
2. Click your user profile icon and select User Settings. The My Invitations screen appears.
3. Click the API Credentials menu on the left side of the screen. The API Credentials screen appears.
4. Click Create API Refresh Token. The New API Refresh Token window appears.
5. Click Copy and save the Refresh token in a safe place.
6. Navigate back to the Automation menu and click Credentials. The Policy Credentials screen appears.
7. Click New Credential. The Add Credential window appears.
8. Complete the Add Credential window with the following information:
a. For Credential Type, select OAuth2.
b. For Credential Name, enter FSM_Credential.
c. For Credential Identifier, enter FSM_Credential.
d. For Credential Description, you can enter the following optional text: Credential to interact with SaaS Management data.
e. For Grant Type, select Refresh Token.
f. For Token URL, enter
g. For Client Authorization Method, select Token.
h. For Token, paste your generated token from step 5.
i. Leave the Additional Headers and Scopes fields blank.
j. For Provider, enter flexera_fsm.
9. Click Validate. Your new credential will be listed in the left-hand filter of the Policy Credentials screen.