Configuring an Inventory Agent

The Agent Configurations page (found by navigating to Data Collection > IT Visibility Inventory Tasks > Agent Configurations) contains settings affecting the gathering of inventory (hardware and software inventory).

As background, an agent must always be installed on a target inventory device. There are two main deployment options:

Manual deployment that you manage, using your existing tools and infrastructure. For convenience, we label these approaches “third-party deployment,” meaning that you likely use tools/methods from a company other than Flexera. For example:
Deployment with a tool such as Microsoft SCCM or Symantec IT Management Suite
Pre-installation on the gold image for new device configuration
Logon scripts used in conjunction with domain controller(s)
Active Directory Group Policy Objects
Manual installation by a local administrator on the target device.
Automatic deployment, managed by the inventory beacons, in accordance with the targets you declare in Flexera One. This process is called “adoption”, since it adopts the target device into a closely managed environment.

Tip:This inventory collected does not include third-party inventory collected from other products (such as Microsoft SCCM, ILMT, and the like). For other settings that are inclusive and affect all inventory sources, navigate to the Inventory tab in the IT Asset Management Settings General page (Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > General). Also on the same Inventory tab are a separate group of long-term inventory settings for advanced use.

The Agent Configurations screen is where you can:

View existing agent configurations
Manage agent configurations by clicking the three vertical dots menu at the top right of any agent configuration tile and choosing one of the following options:
View—View the existing agent configuration
Copy—Copy the configuration. A Copy of configuration
Disable—Stop inventory gathering for the selected agent configuration
Enable—Start inventory gathering for the selected agent configuration
Move Up—Move the configuration up one spot in the list of configurations
Move Down—Move the configuration down one spot in the list of configurations.

Note:The order of the configurations is important because you can have a device in multiple agent configurations and any such device will take the priority of the top-most agent configuration on the Agent Configurations page whereas lower configurations will be ignored for that device.

Out-of-the box, Flexera One provides a Default agent configuration which gets applied when you do not specify the configuration to be used for the targets.

The following sections provide help with agent configuration:

Creating or Configuring an Inventory Agent—This section also contains the following related subsections:
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Disabling and Enabling an Agent Configuration
Changing the Order of Inventory Agent Configurations
Manual Inventory Agent Download