Editing an Inventory Agent’s Configuration Options

This section provides instructions for editing an agent’s configuration options.

To edit an agent’s configuration options

1. Navigate to the Agent Configurations screen.
2. Click the agent configuration tile to edit its configuration.

The selected agent configuration appears.

3. Click Edit next to any of the following sections:
Details—Allows you to edit any of the details entered when Creating or Configuring an Inventory Agent. In addition, you can choose whether to enable or disable the configuration.
Disable—Stops inventory gathering for the selected agent configuration
Enable—Starts inventory gathering for the selected agent configuration.
Inventory Agent Options—Allows you to edit details including whether deploy new versions of the Inventory Agent manually or perform automatic deployment of Inventory Agent on newly-discovered devices, and includes the ability to select which platforms should be automated or managed manually. See Editing Inventory Agent Options.
Scheduling—Grants you control over Editing Agent Configuration Scheduling Options and Flagging Outdated Agents.