Virtual Desktop Templates

The Inventory > Virtual Devices > Virtual Desktop Templates page lists all the templates for which IT Asset Management has inventory details.

A virtual desktop template is a catalog of software applications with user groups that are entitled to access those applications in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. A virtual desktop template is a method to track software access details in a VDI environment.

IT Asset Management gets the software access details from the template and user details from the Active Directory to track the access of remote applications by the users, through the inventory devices. If IT Asset Management does not find an inventory device linked to a user, it creates a remote device.

You can perform the following actions on this page:

Actions on Virtual desktop Templates Page



View virtual desktop template properties

Click the Template name to view its properties. For more information about virtual desktop template properties, see Virtual Desktop Template Properties.

View user properties

Click the User name to view the properties of the user. For more information about user properties, see User Properties.

Create a saved view

The Save view as feature of IT Asset Management enables you to create customized views of a page by saving the applied user interface settings. For more information, see Creating Saved Views.

The following virtual desktop template properties are available for display. Some of these properties are displayed by default whereas others are available through the Choose columns option:

VDI template properties available on the Virtual Desktop Templates page



Endpoint device

The name of the device on which the user instantiated the virtual desktop and accessed applications available through it. The device may be an inventory device (one within your enterprise from which you also report hardware and software inventory), or a remote device (a record created automatically when the endpoint is not within your enterprise).

Not editable.


The name of the virtual desktop infrastructure group that the end-user has access to. If a user group is permitted to access a remote device, all the members of the group can remotely access the applications available in the template.

Not editable.

Retired Date

This field displays no value.


The name of the virtual desktop template.

Not editable.

User name

The name of a user who, as a member of the associated delivery Group, has access to the virtual desktop infrastructure device identified through that group. Where the delivery group identifies multiple VDIs, the user appears in this listing multiple times, once for each associated VDI device.

Not editable.

VDI device

The name of the virtual desktop infrastructure device accessed.

Not editable.