Exporting Data Mashup Datasets

You can export a snapshot (full inventory) of the device mashup data and the software mashup data normalized against Technopedia in the CSV format from the Data Export page.

Important:This feature is only available with the latest version of IT Visibility. Upgrading to the latest version of IT Visibility is not automatically performed for customers who were onboarded prior to October 31, 2023. To request an upgrade, contact Flexera Support.

To export the mashup datasets:

1. In Flexera One, click IT Visibility > Data Exports to open the Data Export page.
2. Click Create Export.

A compressed archive that contains multiple CSV files is downloaded. The device mashup data is available in the devices_mashup.csv file. The software mashup data is available in the software_mashup.csv file.

For more information about how to use the export function, see Exporting Data From IT Visibility.

Additionally, you can use the IT Visibility API Query and Export endpoints to download Data Mashup datasets for software and devices.

Use the IT Visibility API: Query endpoint to download deltas of the mashup datasets in CSV format. Identify the mashup dataset you want by specifying software_mashup or device_mashup for the queryName.
Use the IT Visibility API: Export endpoint to download files, either as a snapshot of the full inventory or as delta inventory, in Parquet format. Identify the mashup data export you want using the optional filter parameter. For example: filter=(name eq 'software_mashup' or name eq 'devices_mashup').