Exporting Data From IT Visibility

While you can satisfy many use cases within IT Visibility’s dashboards and reports, there are cases when exporting your software application and hardware data may assist you in further use cases. For example, you may wish to explore the data in a business intelligence tool already present in your enterprise, or you may wish to use the data to populate a CMDB.

There are three ways to download inventory export data from IT Visibility.

Download Method

Data Format


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Parquet format using Export API


Note:Parquet file is raw inventory data stored in a compressed format.

Best format for use with a Power BI tool

For more information see the IT Visibility Export API in the Flexera One API Reference.

CSV Export using Query API

Individual CSV files

Inventory data comes from the delta export, tracking sequential changes to data more frequently than snapshots which update every 24h

For more information see the IT Visibility Query API in the Flexera One API Reference.

Data Exports from Flexera One User Interface

Zip file containing CSVs for all entitled datasets

Inventory data from snapshots taken every 24h

For more information, see the following topics:

Exporting Data—Contains procedures explaining how to start or stop an export, and how to download export files to your local machine.
Export Files—Contains a complete list of the export datasets and their details.

Note:With respect to how inactive devices are handled, consider the following differences between using APIs versus the Flexera One user interface export method:

For data exports from the Flexera One user interface—Only hardware devices with an Active status are included in the IT Visibility export. Ignored and other inactive devices are excluded, and software on these devices is also excluded. The datasets returned include only active records.
For data exports in Parquet format using the Export API or for CSV exports using the Query API—The exported files do include inactive records, and this can be seen in the Status column of the datasets.

The following subtopics are included in this section:

Versions of the IT Visibility Export Feature
IT Visibility Data Export (Latest Version)
Previous IT Visibility Data Export Versions