Cloud Budgets

Flexera One users can track their actual cloud spend against a cloud budget with Cloud Cost Optimization’s Budget capabilities.

Budgets allow users to create a budget for a set period of time and see their cloud spend (as defined by a dimensions hierarchy) against that budget. Areas where budget does not exist for spend or where overspend exists are highlighted in the Budget Dashboard. Users can define one or more budgets, customize a budget’s date range to match their own fiscal calendar, and specify dimensions to use to group and structure how the budget data is shown. Once a budget is defined, you can enter monthly budget numbers for each dimension you define.

The Budget Dashboard shows a snapshot of current spend, remaining budget, and unbudgeted spend for the currently selected budget. Graphs on the dashboard show current monthly spend and current cumulative spend versus the budget. Detailed budget data appears in a table at the bottom of the dashboard that groups your budget data by the dimensions you define when you create the budget—like billing center, resource group, or account name.

Important:To access budgets, you must have the View budgets and Manage budgets roles at the organization level. Users with the View budgets role can view a list of cloud budgets and view budget dashboards. Users with the Manage budgets role can create new budgets and edit existing budgets. For complete descriptions of each role available in Flexera One, see Flexera One Roles.

The following sections describe how to view, create, and manage budgets:

Viewing the Budget List 
Viewing a Budget Dashboard 
Creating a New Budget 
Editing a Budget 
Setting Up Budget Alerts