Create Sub-billing Center and Allocation Rules

Important:To create sub-billing centers and to modify their allocation rules, you must have the Manage billing centers or billing_center_admin role. For more information, refer to Managing Billing Center Access.

By default, billing centers do not have any sub-billing centers or allocation rules.

To create a sub-billing center:

1. Go to the Billing Centers page (Cloud > Cost Optimization > Billing Centers).
2. Click the billing center that needs to be further decomposed. If there is not a Billing Centers or Allocation Rules tab, that means that no sub-billing centers currently exist.
3. Click the New Billing Center button in the upper-right hand corner of the billing center. A message, Child of the current billing center, should appear.
4. When the New Billing Center window appears, enter a Billing Center Name and optionally add a Billing Center Description. Click Save.

Once you create your first sub-billing center, the Billing Centers and Allocation Rules tabs will be available. From this point, you can follow the normal process for creating Allocation Rules minding the concepts above.