Flexera One’s SaaS Management integration with Salesforce offers you the ability to view and optimize your entire organization’s Salesforce spend, license activity, and user activity within the same workspace for Salesforce, AppExchange, and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Workspace Applications

Following are descriptions of the applications included in Flexera One’s Salesforce Workspace.

Salesforce CRM Platform


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This sales automation product enables users to manage contacts and track opportunities from any desktop or device and build 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Salesforce’s cloud computing marketplace enables end users to access, download, and install software applications. AppExchange offers a mix of free and paid applications organized into collections, categories, and industry solutions that encompass a variety of fields, including small business, customer service, education, manufacturing, and real estate.

Marketers use this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to create and manage marketing relationships and campaigns with customers. It can be integrated with websites and social media and enables tailored ad campaigns based upon demographics and behaviors.

The following sections explain prerequisites, resources, and instructions for integrating Salesforce, AppExchange, and Marketing Cloud with SaaS Management. Detailed information is also available for analyzing user and license activity data.

Integrating a Salesforce Workspace Within SaaS Management
Options for Integrating AppExchange Within the Salesforce Workspace
Integrating AppExchange as a Stand-Alone Integration With SaaS Management
Salesforce Workspace Integration Reference Information
Analyzing User and License Activity Data Within the Salesforce Workspace