Scheduling API Jobs in FSM Data Ingestion Utility

After adding at least one organization in the Organizations page as per Managing Organizations in FSM Data Ingestion Utility, go to the API Jobs page (API Jobs > API Jobs). Then select the Jobs Scheduled tab.

The Jobs Scheduled tab includes a table that lists the scheduled API jobs to import data from your organization’s multiple SaaS applications to FSM Data Ingestion Utility. Use the Filter pulldown menu to filter scheduled jobs by SaaS application.

The following table describes the API Jobs table columns.

Table Column


Job ID

Each job you create has a unique identifier, which is automatically generated by FSM Data Ingestion Utility.

Job Name

You are required to enter a name for each new job.


This is the SaaS application name associated with your organization’s SaaS data.


For Task descriptions, see the “Tasks to Load Data” section in SaaS Data Payload.


This column displays how often and when the scheduled job runs.


This column has the following options:

Preview enables you to see a maximum of 10 records with mapped job data.
Run enables you to manually run the job.
Edit enables you to modify the job.
Delete enables you to delete the job.

The FSM Data Ingestion Utility API Jobs menu tasks are described in the following sections.

Adding a New API Job
Editing or Pausing a Scheduled API Job
Deleting a Scheduled API Job
Metadata Mapping for API Jobs
Previewing a Scheduled API Job
Importing an API Job
Exporting an API Job
Viewing API Job Logs