Getting Started With Technopedia

Technopedia provides access to every catalog item (hardware and software) in the Technopedia catalog data in the form of filterable dashboards within Flexera One.

The Flexera Technopedia catalog provides a robust taxonomy of hardware and software for use in organizing, rationalizing, and governing additions to your IT asset inventory. It provides the world's largest and richest repository of IT product/asset information including the required taxonomy for hardware and software. With the data available in the Technopedia dashboards, you have the catalog data you need for researching projects, obtaining approvals, and planning out future enterprise architecture.

Technopedia dashboards provide complete hardware and software catalog data. See the following sections for more information about dashboards and how to work with them.



Technopedia Dashboards 

Discusses the available dashboards, Technopedia concepts, and dashboard data.

Technopedia API 

This section gives a brief introduction to the Technopedia API and provides links to its documentation.