March 2023

Flexera One introduced the following new features and enhancements this month.


New Feature or Enhancement

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Budgets Feature Beta Release 

Flexera Integration App for ServiceNow

Flexera Integration App Version 5.1.1 Now Available in ServiceNow Store 

IT Asset Management

Licenses Issues Analysis Report 

Possible Options False Positives From Oracle Enterprise Manager Report 

Unrecognized Installer Evidence Analysis Report 

vCenter Inventory Issues Analysis Report 

Changes to Supported Operating Systems and Compatibility With Other Products 

Price Per Right Attribute Added to Optimization Reporting Objects 

IT Visibility

Embed IT Visibility Dashboards Into ServiceNow and Other Web-Enabled Solutions 

SaaS Management

Integrating Salesforce, AppExchange, and Marketing Cloud Data Within One SaaS Management Workspace  

Self-Service Management of ServiceNow Subscription License Assignment and Usage 

Tracking Usage of Installed Managed Packages for Salesforce AppExchange 

Greater Security for Microsoft 365 Certificate Based Authentication Integration for SaaS Management 

Installing SaaS Management Data Ingestion Utility Application as a Microsoft Windows Service 


New Technopedia Dashboards in Flexera One