November 2021

This page provides links to an end-of-life announcement, new features, and enhancements made to Flexera One during the month of November, 2021.

New Features

Flexera One introduced the following new features this month.


New Feature


AWS STS Multi-Account Credential Usage

Cloud Cost Optimization

Bill Processing Status

IT Asset Management

Support for Mutual TLS on UNIX-Like Devices

Lightweight Kubernetes Agent Reduces Footprint

New Connector for BMC Discovery Imports

SaaS Management

Initial Ingestion of SaaS Activity Data

New Okta OAuth2 Integration


Flexera One introduced the following enhancements this month.



Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Settings: Billing Configuration and Custom Tags

IT Asset Management

Oracle Fusion Middleware Inventory Configuration Improved

SaaS Management

Azure Client Credentials Workaround to Grant the Directory.Read.All Permission

Microsoft Applications and Microsoft Client Credentials Blocked Users