July 2021

IT Asset Management 2021 R1 Part Number: 17.0.1. Release Date: July 22, 2021.

End-of-support announcement

The original Microsoft AzureRM module, now nearing end-of-life, will no longer be supported from IT Asset Management 2021 R2 (nor in the parallel release of ITAM in Flexera One). Instead, support for the more recent Microsoft Az module is continuing, and this newer module allows you to use the Azure Hybrid Benefit to minimize the costs of related licensing. For more information, see this announcement: https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Manager-Blog/Azure-inventory-connector-will-not-support-Microsoft-PowerShell/ba-p/198899. For details on switching to the Microsoft Az module, see https://docs.flexera.com/fnms/EN/WebHelp/index.html#tasks/IB-ConnectAzure.html (cloud edition), or the corresponding topic in the latest version of on-premises help.

Deprecation notice

A potential vulnerability, which could allow a locally-authenticated actor to modify otherwise restricted files, has been repaired in this release of both the FlexNet Inventory Agent and the inventory beacon (see security update IOJ-2210678). While there are no known exploits of this vulnerability, Flexera has deprecated and withdrawn previous releases of the FlexNet Inventory Agent and inventory beacon (releases 13.1.0 through 17.0.0). Best practice is either:
  • To allow automatic self-upgrades of all inventory beacons and FlexNet Inventory Agents previously deployed — this will apply the current release now available in the SaaS implementation
  • To download and use your preferred method to deploy the current release of both items, where self-upgrades are not possible.

New Features

Changes from Previous Releases