MgsDomainMatch: Match to Domain Name

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This algorithm prioritizes inventory beacons based on their domain name. The name closest to that of the target inventory device is given the highest priority.

MgsDomainMatch checks each domain component, from right to left.
Tip: On UNIX-like platforms, using this algorithm requires that you have first set the ComputerDomain preference to a valid domain name. This is used as the domain of the inventory device for comparison with the domains of inventory beacons.
MgsDomainMatch (int limit)
  • limit is an optional integer setting the maximum number of inventory beacons to which priorities will be assigned by this algorithm.

Example of MgsDomainMatch algorithm results

For a target inventory device in the domain
Tip: Because multiple domains may be assigned the same priority, the NetSelector indexes priorities according to the order in which domains are listed in the registry (in the following example, shown in the Location column).
Location Domain of inventory beacon AutoPriority Incoming priority Resulting priority Normalized priority

A true blank 6 1

B true blank


C true blank 83 3
D true blank


E false 5 5 5
In the above example:
  • Location A matches the domain name of the target inventory device, so it is assigned a very high priority (for example, 5). This priority is then indexed by the order of locations in the registry. It is first, so the priority assigned is 5+1 (6).
  • Location B matches the third and second domain components, but not the first. It is given a medium priority (for example, 40). After indexing, the priority is 40 + 2 (42).
  • Location C does not match the third domain component, so it is given a lower priority (for example, 80). After indexing, the priority is 80 + 3 (83).
  • Location D only matches the middle domain component and is given a very low priority (for example, 100). After indexing, the priority is 100 + 4 (104).
  • Location E has a fixed priority, so priority 5 is unchanged by the algorithm.
  • The NetSelector normalizes the priorities of locations A to D to fit within the range specified by the server selection settings (described in Prioritizing Inventory Beacons). In this example, the range is 1-5.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)