Common: Gathering Inventory from Solaris Zones

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Calculating the license compliance position for Oracle Processor and IBM PVU licenses becomes complex when the applications are installed on Solaris zones as the license consumption depends on the number of processor threads assigned to a Solaris zone. For example, the license consumption for an Oracle Database Processor license depends on the maximum number of processor threads that can be used by the Solaris zone where the application has been installed.

To calculate the license consumption for these licenses, the Flexera inventory collection component (ndtrack, either deployed locally or run remotely) collects the hardware-specific information like the maximum number of processor threads and some other properties. This information is used to calculate the license position for some Oracle Processor, Oracle Named User Plus, and IBM PVU licenses.
Note: To get the accurate consumption of IBM PVU, Oracle Processor, and Oracle Named User Plus licenses on Solaris zones, upgrade the following inventory gathering components to the 2017 R1 or later version:
  • For adopted devices: FlexNet Inventory Agent(s)
  • For zero footprint inventory collection: FlexNet Beacon(s).

Compatibility matrix

Solaris zones with the following environments are supported for inventory collection:
Zone property Support
  • SPARC, including Logical Domains
  • X86

Resource management method for zones

  • Resource pool
  • Capped CPU
  • Dedicated CPU

IT Asset Management (Cloud)