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ExecutablePath specifies the file path and (normally) the executable file name to be monitored for application usage. This preference is required only when the manual mapper is used to identify files to monitor (and is otherwise ignored). This registry key must be created manually, within a node for the chosen application that has also been inserted manually (and shown below as Application node).

The specification of the file path may include simple regular expressions, provided that this same Application node also includes the value Regex=True (see third example below). For details of typical regex patterns, see Regex.
Note: The value for ExecutablePath may be either:
  • An absolute path and executable file name (see first example below).
  • An absolute path to a folder, without specifying the executable file name (see second example below). In this case, every executable found in the folder is monitored. On Windows devices, you may not use this format for Windows system folders – for example, folder names (alone, without executables) like C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32 are ignored. To track usage of an executable in such paths, be sure to include the executable file name.


Values / range

Valid text file path specification.

Default value

No default value.

Example values

C:\Program Files\LAPS


Installed by

Manual configuration only.

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Usage Agent\CurrentVersion\Manual Mapper\Application node

IT Asset Management (Cloud)