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Regex is a Boolean that determines whether ExecutablePath is taken as a string literal (False) or processed as a regular expression (True). This Regex preference is required only when the manual mapper is used to identify files to monitor (and is otherwise ignored). This registry key must be created manually, within a node for the chosen application that has also been inserted manually (and shown below as Application node). For more information, see ExecutablePath.

Some typical examples of special characters that may be used within ExecutablePath when Regex=True include:
Regular expression Matches
. (the period character)

Any single character. (Because of this special purpose, within a path using a regex, the period separator between file name and file extension should be escaped.)

* (asterisk)

Matches the preceding character one or more times.

[xyz] (square brackets around a set of characters)

Matches any one of the enclosed characters in the set. A range of characters can be specified using a hyphen: for example, [a-d] is the same as [abcd]. The square brackets may also be used to terminate (or group) other parts of the regex, such as the next example. Finally, the square brackets may be used to escape characters that usually have special meaning, so that they are interpreted as a normal string – for example, within a regex [.] means the normal period separator between a file name and file extension.

x|y (pipe character between alternatives)

Matches x or y. For example, Office [10|11] matches Office 10 or Office 11, but not Office 12.


Values / range

Boolean (True or False)

Default value

No default value in the registry. When not specified, behavior defaults to False, so that ExecutablePath is taken as a string literal.

Example values



Installed by

Manual configuration only.

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Usage Agent\CurrentVersion\Manual Mapper\Application node

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