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IBMDB2CommandTimeoutSeconds specifies the number of seconds that the locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent waits for a response to IBM Db2 commands that it issues while collecting inventory for the IBM Db2 Database and its optional add-ons (for details, see PerformIBMDB2Inventory). The timeout prevents the tracker hanging while waiting for a response from the database, so that other inventory collection tasks can proceed. However, be aware that if the db2licm command does not respond before the timeout, the related inventory gathered from this device is incomplete, and this may affect the accuracy of the IBM Db2 Database and Add-Ons report.


Values / range

A positive integer in the range 0-2147483647. Negative or non-integer values are restored to zero. The special value of zero means that there is no timeout, and commands (and therefore all inventory gathering) will hang if there is no response from IBM Db2. Useful values are in the range of 1 to (say) 120 seconds.

Default value


This default (in seconds) is automatically applied when there is no value available in the [Registry] or command line.

Example values


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o IBMDB2CommandTimeoutSeconds=30


Installed by

Manual configuration

Computer preference


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