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For UNIX-like devices, IncludeFileSystemType allows you to include specific types of files systems that may otherwise be excluded. (This preference is not applicable to Microsoft Windows.)

The ufs, zfs, and lofs file systems use virtual device nodes (within the operating system) rather than listing their drives as physical /dev/... devices. This makes it more difficult to determine whether they are local or remote file systems, and they would therefore logically be excluded when IncludeNetworkDrives=False (the default). When you have these file systems running locally on a UNIX-like device, this setting allows you to exclude network drives and still allow inventory collection from the local file system by nominating the file system type(s).

This file system safelist is complemented by a blocklist in ExcludeFileSystemType. Note that if a file system type is specified in both lists, the exclude has priority.

Keep in mind the potential interaction between the following preferences:
  • IncludeDirectory
  • IncludeNetworkDrives
  • IncludeFileSystemType and ExcludeFileSystemType (on UNIX-like systems only).
Of these, IncludeDirectory has lowest priority, and priority increases down the list. This means that, on UNIX-like systems, IncludeFileSystemType (the highest priority) can be an exception to the general rule that "exclude overrides include". The following table illustrates cases where the other settings may over-ride the IncludeDirectory preference, where that specifies a network drive. The first three cases fit the general rule, but the fourth is a special case:
...FileSystemType IncludeNetworkDrives IncludeDirectory Result

Not specified (including Microsoft Windows)

False (this setting operates like an "exclude")

A network share (or subdirectory thereof) on any file system type.

No inventory returned.

Not specified (including Microsoft Windows)


A network share (or subdirectory thereof) on any file system type.

Software inventory from the specified directory.


Either True or False (here, a True setting is over-ridden by the exclude)

A network share (or subdirectory thereof) on file system type XXX (here, the setting is over-ridden by the exclude).

No inventory returned.


Either True or False (here, a False setting is over-ridden, because the file system type has higher precedence)

A network share (or subdirectory thereof) on file system type XXX.

Software inventory from the specified directory.

Tip: IncludeDirectory is not the only preference that causes folders to be scanned. See also EmbedFileContentDirectory.


Values / range

Comma-separated list of standard file system type names, as recognized by the UNIX mount command. Either omit white space, or enclose the list in double quotation marks.

Default value

No [Registry] default value. If no value is specified in the registry or command line, the default behavior is ufs,zfs,lofs.

Example value

Specifying any value for this preference overrides (replaces) the default behavior. This example value excludes the zfs file system (otherwise included in the default), which exclusion may be required if this is in fact a remote file system.

Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o IncludeFileSystemType=ufs,lofs


Installed by

Manual configuration in /var/opt/ managesoft/etc/config.ini (see [Registry] Explained).

Computer preference


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