Configuring SaaS Manager Connector

IT Asset Management (Cloud)


With your cloud implementation of IT Asset Management, integration with Flexera SaaS Manager is really simple. The only prerequisite is that you have licensed Flexera SaaS Manager.

Set up

Simply turn on the integration by selecting the Enable SaaS Manager integration check box on the System Settings page – navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner), choose System Settings, then choose the Integrations tab and expand the SaaS Manager section. There are more details in the online help for that page.
Tip: In the FlexNet Beacon software (from version 14.3.0), there is a separate connector to Flexera SaaS Manager in the group of inventory connections configured with PowerShell. You should ignore that connector. That is available for other customers using on-premises implementations of IT Asset Management; but since you are using the Flexera cloud implementation, integration for you is simpler and quicker, as described above.


No scheduling is required. The import from Flexera SaaS Manager happens automatically as part of the overnight full inventory import and license consumption calculations. This means that from the moment you enable the connector, data from Flexera SaaS Manager appears in your system the next day.


The day after configuring your connector, validate operations by:
  • Identifying a licensed application listed in Flexera SaaS Manager.
  • Finding the same application listed in IT Asset Management, and validate that the appropriate data is recorded. For example, there is a SaaS User license attached (except for Microsoft Office 365, which should have a Named User license attached).
For more information about validation, data rationalization, and connector clean-up, see Deprecating Other Connectors.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)