Microsoft Intune Adapter

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Microsoft Intune Adapter, provided by Flexera, allows you to collect inventory from Microsoft Intune and import it into IT Asset Management. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access and simplifies app and device management across all of your devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints.

Data is collected from Microsoft Intune and imported into IT Asset Management, giving you visibility of managed devices, user data, and managed and unmanaged applications installed on corporate owned devices in your Microsoft Intune estate. To see a full list of what data is imported and visible in IT Asset Management, see What data is retrieved.

IT Asset Management uses the imported data collected from Microsoft Intune to calculate license consumption. Note: For application recognition, application evidence must be recognized by the Application Recognition Library (ARL), and linked to the appropriate license in order for compliance calculations to proceed. For more information on application recognition, see the Application evidence section in What data is retrieved.


  • The Microsoft Intune Adapter is supported by version 2022 R2.4 of IT Asset Management onwards.
  • The Microsoft Intune Adapter supports recognition of MAC OS device information from version 2023 R2.1 of IT Asset Management onwards.
  • The Microsoft Intune Adapter is configured on the FlexNet Beacon, for which the latest version is required. For steps on how to upgrade the FlexNet Beacon, see Upgrading Inventory Beacons in the online help. For FlexNet Beacon prerequisites, see Prerequisite Software in the System Requirements and Compatibility online help.
  • Register an application in Azure Active Directory to connect to Microsoft Graph. See Register an Application in Azure Active Directory for detailed steps. Important: Ensure to register an application before creating the Microsoft Intune connection on the FlexNet Beacon.
  • A connection to Microsoft Intune on the FlexNet Beacon. See Creating the Microsoft Intune Connection for detailed steps.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)